New certification : EN 50131-4

>SIBOX and SX- Indoor sirens certificated








Distributor in Spain

> Our international development is growing up and now, our products are distributed in Spain too. And we are very proud!



New products : Power Supply
> Discover our 2 new Power Supplies 12V, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding professional.
> This new range ECO is already a success and offers you unparalleled performance today on the security market.
Product Evolution
> Simpl’tech is now in a ABS housing, with exactly the same technical features of the last version.

New product : RECEPTYS 433

We have now a new product to satisfy our customer needs for control remote :
a radio receptor to connect to our transceiver Emetys.

Receptys offers you several applications of control remote :
complement for the telecare
emergency call
panic button
complement for the protection of the lone worker
to arm and disarm the central panel
for all application of control remote




And our export development continues…

We are so glad on informing you that our export development continues.
We have 3 new agreements for the distribution of our products in Germany, Austria and Denmark.


New wireless series in the range of Altec products
> Wireless sirens in 869 Mhz.
Discover today what others will do tomorrow…

Exhibition 2011

> We are exhibitors at IFSEC.

Pre Show Promotion.

> We are exhibitors at SICUREZZA.

Pre Show Promotion.


Product Evolution
One year after the addition of ISCB or Intelligent system to charge the battery, an unique and exclusive principle of operation which allows an advanced technology to the Si-max and which doesn't exist in other siren of the market today, we offer you, now, the Si-max equipped with a tamper of protection against forced opening and tear.
Product Evolution
>Sirus et Sirex F
Evolution also in our range of outdoor sirens with new features including the resumption of the ISCB or Intelligent system to charge the battery that will ensure you the effective management of the battery and the durability of your alarms installation. These products now include new triggering options to adapt as easily as possible to all panels of the market.
And more a function of indoor siren.


This system provides advanced technology compared to all the other sirens in the market.

This system can increase the life of the battery while providing effective charge.

Moreover, these two sirens are also new features

> Internal modulation (very useful for shopping centres in particular).
> Possibility to select the sound power and the consumption of the siren.
> The flash can also be ordered alone.

Export Development

Present in Switzerland and Belgium for several years now, we have established at the beginning of 2009 a strategy of export development.
Following our participation in the exhibition IFSEC 2009, we entered into partnership agreements for product distribution of the range Altec in Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Our strategy included Africa too and especially Morocco and Tunisia, where distribution agreements have also just been concluded.