Our imagination is limitless, that’s the reason why our products are so innovative and so different.


Innovation in the design of our products, but also in their constant improvement

Innovation is the leitmotiv of our engineering department for over 15 years. Thanks to his cell saver technology, we incorporate in all our studies the most recent components issued from the electronic search to offer you permanently the most innovative products.

We give also particularly importance to all of your suggestions that are often very relevant to the Altec products. Our products evolve according to your demand and to meet your expectations.


Selected audio report of M/A on Sirex and Sirex F

Changing the mould of the Si-box to facilitate its opening

Evolution of Simpl'vox version 5 entries with 1 entry for the M/A

Regulating the charging voltage to 13.8 Volts on the Si-max



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