Quality of our manufacturing process

All our products are 100% tested in manufacturing output with specific test benches. We can ensure fully functional products for their marketing.

The key criterion which is based on the design of products manufactured by ATLS is primarily one of quality. We apply this principle to all levels of our production lines but also to all our suppliers and subcontractors.

The Altec products have no equivalence today on the security market. To guarantee you about this, we require our suppliers and subcontractors to the same level of perfection that we are implementing for the manufacturing of the Altec products.

Quality in the choice of our components:

We integrate in our manufacturing only components of major brands of manufacturers, this allows us to monitor and sustainability of our products in time.

Quality in choosing our suppliers and sub-contractor:

We ask our suppliers and subcontractors to respect their commitments both in time of supply on the quality of materials ordered. The selection of our suppliers and subcontractors are following quality audits that we put in place regularly. The great majority of our subcontractors is certified ISO 9001